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Another Update

I’ve updated the website again. I’m trying out a new content provider. You can choose your format when you add your purchase to the cart. Let me know if you have any problems checking out.

I’ve also added a section on using Apple Loops with GarageBand on your iPad. I will do a screencast later to better define it.

That’s it for now. A hui hou.


It’s a new year, it’s a facelift on the website.  There are a few changes.  There is a “Buy Now” button that will take you directly to checkout bypassing the cart.  This is the only option on the bundles.  The individual products have “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart” buttons.

I have also added a user section where you can show off your ukulele programming prowess.  It’s in the Showcase.  I’ve started it off with a few songs from Zach Parrish that he sent me a while ago.  Thanks Zach.

I have also used some of the comments that I’ve received in the past on the home page.  If you see your comment there and would like it removed just let me know.

I think that’s it for now.  Aloha

New Look

I got an email the other day asking me if I sold just the ipu loops by themselves. I didn’t. I told him that I would have them up in a couple of days. That was two weeks ago. One thing led to another and it ended up being a total makeover of the website.

  • You don’t have to choose your format when you purchase a product. You will get the links for both of the formats and you can download your preferred format. You can even download both if you’d like.
  • The Strummer loops are all one purchase now. I’ve split the loops into three 1.2 GB files. I think it will be easier to download the smaller files instead of one 3.7 GB file.
  • You can purchase the ipu and pahu loops separately.
  • You can purchase products on there respective pages or there is a Store now where you can purchase any products that we have. The Ala Carte loops are located in the Store. There is also a filter to focus in on what you want.

I’ve tried to catch all the bugs. If anything doesn’t work, please let me know and I will fix it right away.

That’s it for now. Time to start work on some new samples. Maybe a nice 6 string uke or more implement samples. We’ll see. A hui hou!

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