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Added a FAQ

I’ve added a FAQ for some of the questions I’ve been getting. The question I’ve gotten the most is about using the sample libraries in your own projects. You can use them in anything you like except for a couple of things. Check out the FAQ for more info. If you don’t see the FAQ in your menu you may need to refresh the page. Drop my a line if you use it in something cool and I will add it to the website. Keep creating!

Ala Carte Loops

I’ve changed the “Concert Ukulele Strummer Loops” to an ala carte menu. Now you can get only the strumming patterns that you want. The 19 original strumming patterns are available as individual purchases. There are 9 new strumming patterns that were just added. A total of 27 strumming patterns and the single up and down strokes. And the best news of all is that each pattern is only $5.00. That’s right, $5.00. Go to the “Ala Carte Loops” page to audition and purchase your loops. Put a bit of Polynesia into your next project.

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