Hawaiian Percussion Loops


  1. Ipu Heke played on the floor
  2. Ipu Heke played in hand
  3. Pahu and Pūniu
  4. Pahu
  5. Another Pahu Loop
  6. Pūʻili
  7. Small Ipu
  8. ʻŪlili

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Apple Loops


ACIDized Wave Files




This is the companion to the Hawaiian Percussion sample library. The loops are of basic Hawaiian and not-so-basic Hawaiian beats, in a multitude of tempos. All the instruments from the Hawaiian Percussion sample library were used except the Ka'eke'eke.


The loops are also a great way to construct a track on your iPad/iPhone. Just use iTunes to transfer your apple loops into Garageband on your iPad/iPhone. Only the apple loops will work.


All loops were played live and not programmed. Each 2 bar loop was recorded so that it will loop seemlessly in your Digital Audio Workstation. Great care was taken to avoid pops and clicks at the loop points. The files are offered in Apple Loops and ACIDized WAV format.

Hover (or select for tablet users) over the implements below to find out more information about each implement.

  • Ipu Heke
  • Pahu
  • Pūniu
  • Pūʻili
  • Small Ipu
  • ʻŪlili


  • Loops are recorded at 44.1k/24bits
  • Loops are recorded at 80, 100, and 120 beats per minute
  • Rolls and single hits
  • Apple Loops and ACIDized WAV
  • All loops are in stereo

What you’ll need

  • A Digital Audio Workstation capable of playing Apple Loops or Acid Loop files
  • A hard drive with at least 500MB of free space
  • The capability to download a 486 MB zip file