• Genuine hawaiian implements

  • Finely crafted

    by true artisans

  • Recorded every nuance of each implement

  • Sampled a beautiful concert size ukulele

High quality native Hawaiian sample libraries


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Concert Ukulele$29

Concert Ukulele is a sample library for Kontakt and EXS24. It recreates the classic sound of a picked ukulele. Learn more..

Ukulele Strummer$49

Concert Ukulele Strummer is a sample library, for Kontakt and EXS24, that recreates the unmistaken sounds of a strumming ukulele. Learn more..

Ukulele Strummer Loops$75

Concert Ukulele Strummer Loops are for those of you who don't have, or don't want to deal with, Kontakt or the EXS24. There are 27 different strumming patterns with up and down single strums in all 12 keys and all 12 chord types. Learn more..

Hawaiian Percussion$29

Hawaiian Percussion sample library consists of meticulously sampled authentic Hawaiian implements for EXS24 and Kontakt samplers. Learn more..

Hawaiian Percussion Loops$39

Hawaiian Percussion Loops are 2 and 4 bar loops of basic Hawaiian and not-so-basic Hawaiian beats, in a multitude of tempos. Learn more..