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Ukulele Strummerfor Kontakt & Logic Sampler (EXS24)

$49 USD

This is the companion to the Concert Ukulele sample library. Concert Ukulele Strummer is a sample library, for Kontakt and EXS24, that recreates the unmistaken sounds of a strumming ukulele. It has a classic sound that is instantly recognizable and immediately brings to mind the Hawaiian Islands. Easy to play. In no time you will have very realistic and satisfying tracks.

The Kontakt version requires the full version of Kontakt 5.01 or higher. It will not work in Kontakt Player.

  1. Ooh Ooh ala 'Somewere Over The Rainbow'. The pick ukulele is not included.
  2. Chucking Chuck style of playing
  3. Styling Hawaiian aunty style strumming
  4. Mutation Muted strums demo

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  • Samples are recorded at 48k/24bits
  • Multiple variations of up and down strokes
  • Open strums, palm mute strums, and full mute strums
  • Multiple articulations for each key: full down strum, full finger up strum, chuck, thumb up strum, slow down strum

What you'll need...

  • Full version of Kontakt 5.0.1+ or Logic Audio
  • Keyboard Controller for your DAW
  • A hard drive with at least 500MB of free space
  • The capability to download a 372 MB zip file

I am a big fan of the, discontinued, Virtual Guitar 2. It used slices of actual strumming to replicate its patterns instead of the octave back and forth of down strokes and up strokes. To play a pattern you would play a chromatic scale up the keyboard. Each note was a different slice of the strum. It made for very convincing strumming. I've attempted to do just that with the Strummer for Kontakt. The EXS version does not have any kind of scripting so I had to go with the octave back and forth for the up and down strokes. You can download the manual for each version below.

Keyboard Layouts

Concert Ukulele Strummer for Kontakt features a very easy to play keyboard layout. Every chord was sampled with multiple up and down strokes, palm mutes, and full mutes. 12 chord types were recorded in each of the 12 keys. The chords that were recorded are: major, major7, 7, 9, 6, minor, minor7, minor6, diminished, augmented, add2, sus4. The architecture of each sampler is so different that I had to make two separate versions.

Kontakt Key Layout

Concert Ukulele Strummer for Logic Sampler has a little simpler layout. The type of chord is selected in the bottom octave and the up and down strokes are played by alternating octaves in the upper range. Mutes and holds are played with different combinations of the pitch bend and mod wheel.

Logic Sampler Key Layout