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Concert Ukulelefor Kontakt & Logic Sampler (EXS24)

$29 USD

We have taken great care in sampling a beautiful concert ukulele with nylon strings. It is the classic sound of a uke. Every note was sampled in 10 velocity layers for the utmost in realism. The sound is unprocessed and raw. This way it lends itself to whatever processing you deem fit. The uke was recorded with finger picking the string and thumb picking the string.

The Kontakt version requires the full version of Kontakt 4 or higher. It will not work in Kontakt Player.

  1. Star Spangled Banner Thumb and finger pick patch. No proccessing
  2. Uke Bossa Finger pick patch
  3. Uke Reggae Finger pick patch

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  • Samples are recorded at 44.1k/24bits
  • 10 velocity levels on each note
  • Every note on a concert uke (C2 to A3)
  • Finger picked and thumb picked versions

What you'll need...

  • Full version of Kontakt 4+ or Logic Audio
  • Keyboard Controller for your DAW
  • A hard drive with at least 200MB of free space
  • The capability to download a 144 MB zip file

Concert Ukulele is a sample library for Kontakt and EXS24. It recreates the classic sound of a picked ukulele. For many years, the ukulele has been synonymous with the Hawaiian islands. From the early days when the Portuguese introduced the cavaquinho and the rajão, which the current ukulele is based upon, to current times with virtuosos such as Jake Shimabukuro and Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, the ukulele is a major part of island music. Lately, it has found a resurgence in all types of music.

The concert ukulele is the normal sized uke of the family. It is smaller than the Tenor and the Baritone ukes. It has a classic sound that is instantly recognizable and immediately brings to mind the Hawaiian Islands. The uke is tuned to G-C-E-A (my-dog-has-fleas) with the top string tuned to high G. A technique made popular by some is to have the G an octave lower to fill out the sound but, this is the traditional tuning that I was brought up with.