About Audio HawaiiLocated in Kailua, O'ahu, Hawaii

Audio Hawaii was established more than a decade ago to provide quality and affordable sample libraries of native Hawaiian instruments. Audio Hawaii has the only sample library of authentic Hawaiian implements and is the first company to release ukulele libraries, both strumming and picking, that actually sound like ukuleles. Future plans include expanding the library to other lesser known instruments such as the nose flute.

Our priorities are:
• Impeccable sound quality
• Affordability
• Playability

I am a native Hawaiian musician and composer and I personally use these samples in all my projects. Most people don’t know that they are samples.

That’s what we strive for.

David Kauahikaua

kind words ...

“Your work is truly awesome. I've been using other commercial ipu loops (also my own feeble ones) for some time but neither has the rich, soft palm timbre your "Hand" loops does.” George
“Just wanted to let you know I liked your sample, was very straight forward and easy to use and the quality of the samples are top notch.” Zack
“I just purchased the Ukulele Strummer less than an hour ago and I just wanted to tell you this is one of the best purchases I've ever made. I searched for a sampled Ukulele and your site came up first. It is exactly what I'm looking for: sound, playability, cost. It is so elegantly thought-out and programmed. I tend to not use sampled stringed instruments like guitars, etc. because they never work easily or musically. Yours is the exception. And after being blown away by how much fun it is to play the instrument I discovered the two folders of MIDI strums that will be very useful. Had no idea they were part of the package”. Douglas
“Thanks for making such a great sample set. I’ve written a large amount of fingerstyle music for the concert uke, and I am going through the slog of tabbing it out, and really need a realistic sample to play it back with to check. I’ve never yet met one that sounded like the instrument I know and love. All the samples until yours treated it like a toy or a gimmick. So I am very glad indeed to have founds yours.” Diarmud
“The apple loops, for me, are so much more instant than the EXS or Kontakt instrument - find the strum pattern, chord -and insert. Much quicker for me - as I am not always in front of a MIDI controller - if I am behind the console”. Kevin
“I've been working with your samples for a couple of weeks now, and I'm delighted. They maintain excellent sound quality when the tempo changes. The variation of strums available, and the many chord variations you've included make this collection of loops the most valuable I've got. I've lost the use of my hands for playing, and it's like you've given me my hands back! Congrats, and thanks!” Michael
“I got to say man...you did a great job recording these samples.” Panos
“I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your product. I find the ukulele extremely inspiring for songwriting and your loops have the necessary diversity. I think I have purchased the whole ukulele catalogue by now. I believe it would be a good idea to add other hawaiian guitars.” Peter